Bryan Liu

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Why do you currently serve at HMCC?
I currently serve at HMCC because I really believe in the vision to want to see disciples being made that will make more disciples and go all over the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Having witnessed (and personally experienced) the life-changing impacts of genuine discipleship during my time here as a college student, single-working adult, and now married, I believe God is using our church to be transformed by the Gospel and to send people out that are equipped and ready to be a light wherever they go. It is a beautiful thing and I believe Jesus is magnified when people from all different backgrounds can come together and worship and be united as one body under Christ – so with the transcultural vision of HMCC, I hope and pray that this is something I’ll continue to have the privilege of seeing God work and grow in our community.

Favorite Snack?
Roasted corn soup chips