Building Blocks

Building Blocks is our ministry for children from 6 months old to 5th grade. Our mission is to lay a biblical foundation to lead children to Christ and to prepare them to share their faith. We believe you can never be too young to start and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our commitment is to partner with the parents (the spiritual leaders of the home) for the spiritual growth of their children, and to teach God’s truth through relevant Bible lessons and age-appropriate activities at our weekly children’s church offered during the Sunday Celebration Services.

Due to COVID-19, our teaching sessions have been over Zoom on Sunday mornings where we continue to teach God’s word to the children. Zoom worship and teaching times begin at 9:30AM EST.

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Latitude & Velocity

Latitude began in 2002 with a handful of high school students from Ann Arbor. Since then, it has grown to include students from as far as Ypsilanti, Saline, Northville, and Novi. Soon after, we saw the birth of Velocity, HMCC’s middle school student ministry.

We emphasize growth in relationship with Christ, friendship, service, communication and leadership. Our hope is to see our youth be a light to one another, their peers, their families, and to go on to transform their generation and community for God’s kingdom.

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Access (Undergraduate)

College is one of the most pivotal chapters of life – it is a time unlike any other to uncover God’s purposes for your life and for the world. We believe that college students have amazing potential to be the world leaders of tomorrow as they encounter the power of God and experience life transformation today. That’s why we invest in college students through LIFE Group, a community where students can grow in faith and develop as people.

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Access, a MSA registered student organization, is the student branch of Harvest Mission Community Church.

Global Access

With the influx of students from all across the world at the University of Michigan, our Global Access ministry responds to the overwhelming need to reach out to the international community. In line with the overall vision of the church, we seek to share the gospel with students from all over the world, disciple them to be Christ-followers, and see them return to their home countries to be effective witnesses. Global Access allows HMCC to expand our network, as many students return to their countries and maintain relationships globally.

Our international life group serves as a “home away from home” for many international students who seek family-like friendships in Ann Arbor. Many students come from countries where Christianity is irrelevant. Therefore, it is our desire to present and implant the Gospel in the context of our unique biblical community. Through Global Access, we hope that international students from anywhere in the world can come and share life together.

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Impact (Grad Students)

Impact is HMCC’s ministry to graduate students on the University of Michigan campus and Ann Arbor area. Together, we hope to grow into people who will use our education and gifts to impact our classrooms, labs, and eventually our careers. To that end, our grad student ministry focuses on community, spiritual growth, and evangelism.

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Focus (Single Adults)

Single adult life is generally considered a transitional period when many search for significance in their careers, relationships, and spiritual lives. We believe that this journey is best experienced within a vibrant, Christ-centered community.

Focus is the single adults’ ministry of HMCC – a place where we can grow in our faiths, share our life stories and interests, serve the community, and have fun! If you would like to learn more about our community, email

Covenant (Married)

Ruth Bell Graham said that a good marriage is the union of two good forgivers. If you are married, you probably understand what she meant, because building a strong marriage doesn’t come easy. Whether it’s in the area of forgiveness, communication, finances, or sexual intimacy, there’s always room for growth in our marriages.

Through Covenant, our married couples ministry, we want to see couples build strong, Christ-centered marriages which God can use to bless and impact the lives and world around them.

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