Transcultural Apologetics Seminar

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Fri ยท 7/23/2021 7:00 PM

A big part of apologetics involves presenting the relevance and validity of the Christian worldview (the Bible, the Gospel) in terms of our culture’s contemporary issues (science, social change, critical theory, philosophy). In this sense, it is inherently transcultural! We will spend the time exploring and asking questions together in the hopes that our discussions may build us in boldness (and further explorating and curiosity to learn) to share our worldview to the people around us.

There will be a very short introduction with some background and ground rules, but most of the time will be in smaller groups to discuss topics that we hear around us or questions that we ourselves may feel uncomfortable with.

This session is ONLY in-person at the T-Center. We ask that individuals wear masks if they are coming. Feel free to bring laptops/tablets/phones to take notes or look up things.

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