Chicago Missions Fundraiser – Service Raffle

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Sun · 6/05/2022 - Sun · 6/19/2022
Online only

Our Chicago Missions Project team will be having an online service raffle to raise funds for their upcoming trip!


  1. Cost for raffle tickets: 1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20
  2. Pay for the raffle tickets through our online giving portal here
    1. Email field MUST be filled
  3. IMPORTANT: in the “Note” section at the bottom of our giving portal, write the name(s) AND service item(s) that you are buying tickets for.
  4. Raffle will close on Sunday June 19th at 11:59 PM, after which winners will be selected at random and notified via email



  1. Allison Wei (Allison will be doing 2 of the 4 auction items below)
    1. Make you a homemade meal
    2. Bake you a dessert
    3. Write you a poem
    4. Sing you a song
  2. Chris Dong
    1. Mow your lawn (labor only, you need to provide equipment)
    2. Bake you a fresh loaf of banana bread
    3. Meet up and buy you a meal at No Thai (guys only)
    4. Pet- or plant-sit during your next vacation
  3. Daniel Lee (need to redeem by 9/15)
    1. Help you prepare for internship or full time job recruiting (interview, case study, and resume prep)
    2. Meet up and buy you a dessert at Blank Slate
  4. Karen Xu (need to redeem by 8/20)
    1. Make wontons/dumplings together
    2. Provide a meal or dessert
  5. Michael Sun (there will be 2 winners for this service)
    1. Drive you 5 times somewhere (grocery store, airport, etc)
  6. P. Josh
    1. Cook you a home-cooked meal (suggestions: jambalaya, chili, deep fried turkey)
    2. Pie him in the face (pie provided)
    3. Replicate a TikTok video of your choosing (please be appropriate)
    4. Clean 1-2 rooms of your choosing (kitchen, bathroom, etc)