Joe and Diana Yun

Our Journey

Ever since our first year as undergraduate students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, our lives haven’t been the same. Both of us were transformed by the Gospel and grew in our faith as we were discipled through Harvest Mission Community Church.

As we learned how to walk with Christ, we served our church in various capacities and leadership roles. All the while, we also developed our passions and sense of specific calling. Between 2011-2012, we both pursued the calling to serve the church as staff members and began leading, teaching, and preaching God’s Word. As we saw the Word of God lived out through our church, we were both utterly convinced that the Gospel had to go to all the nations.

In 2013, Pastor Joe first received the call to move to Singapore and serve the local church that was planted in 2010. He moved to Singapore at the end of 2014 while Diana finished her seminary studies in the US and closed out her time there. 11 days after our wedding, we made the move to Singapore! It has been a privilege and step of faith to grow as a family, grow the church, and grow our roots in Singapore.

Prayer Requests

  • Faith - Pray for our intimacy with God. Pray that we would continually and joyfully trust in God to lead us, lead the church, and to empower us to live out His calling faithfully.
  • Family - Pray that we would be a family that displays the love of God through our unity, hospitality, and vibrant relationship with God and one another.
  • Funds - Pray that God will provide for our family’s financial needs. As missionaries, we need to raise financial support to serve God’s calling. Singapore is an expensive place - it has been listed as the most expensive city in the world 4 years in a row by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Focus - Pray that we’d be faithful to everything God is calling us to as we shepherd our church, reach the lost with the Gospel, train and raise up leaders, and grow as a family.