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HMCC of Detroit Application

Thank you for your interest in HMCC of Detroit! We are truly excited at the opportunity God has given us to participate in His kingdom vision. Below you will find the FAQ for the HMCC Detroit church plant as well as the application, recommendation, and consent forms for the HMCC Detroit Church Plant Team.


Before you start filling out the application, please look over the requirements for the application. In filling out this application we ask that you will answer every question truthfully and prayerfully. This will help us in making final selections for this spiritual endeavor.

The deadline for this application is February 5, 2017 at 11:59PM. Please email it to Pastor Pete (pete.dahlem@hmcc.net) and Sam Beck (sam.beck@hmcc.net) before that date. Please note, the recommendation form must be filled out by your LIFE Group leaders who are currently serving on leadership. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Pete (pete.dahlem@hmcc.net) and Sam Beck (sam.beck@hmcc.net). For those accepted to the team, the first team meeting will tentatively take place on March 2017.

Please download the application documents here:
Application Form Recommendation Form Consent Form

Frequently Asked Questions


There are two main factors that drew us to Detroit. First, we’ve had a ministry in Detroit since 2012 through which we’ve seen the formation of a city LIFE Group and a campus LIFE Group, people being discipled and coming to know Christ, and opportunities to serve the city of Detroit through missional initiatives and missions projects.

Second, Detroit is an important and influential city in the state of Michigan and in the US. If we want to be a part of “transforming the world”, especially in our local context, we cannot do so without reaching Detroit.

Our vision at HMCC is to “multiply churches in campuses and cities to transform the next generation among the nations” and we believe that planting a church in the city of Detroit is in line with this vision.

Also, since 2010, we’ve been striving to see 10 churches planted by 2020. With a desired launch date of HMCC Detroit in January 2018, HMCC Detroit would be part of the greater 2020 Vision.

Lastly, we’ve already had opportunities in the Detroit Ministry to train students to grow in their heart for evangelism and transculturalism as well as learn about missions through church planting by partnering with HMCC Ann Arbor through CSMP and with HMCC Austin through their Spring Break Missions Project. We want to build upon that by planting HMCC Detroit.

Since the start of the Detroit Ministry, the hope was that one day HMCC would plant a church in Detroit. For a number of years this wasn’t possible as there were no pastors available to lead a church in Detroit. However, with Sam’s decision in 2016 to enter into the pastoral internship, the Detroit ministry leaders, Ann Arbor leaders, and Sam began to again discuss the possibility of planting a church in Detroit. After praying and seeking God together, in late 2016 everyone came to an agreement to start HMCC Detroit in January 2018.

Indeed there are a lot of churches in Detroit; however, there’s no single church that can reach out to all of the people in the city. Since the start of the Detroit Ministry five years ago, we’ve seen God bring people into the campus and city LIFE Groups and we’ve seen salvations along the way. Year after year, there has been a growing hunger in the Detroit Ministry to see a church birthed out of the ministry to better reach the city of Detroit. With the specific vision God has given HMCC of reaching college campuses and global cities to “transform lives and transform the world”, we believe HMCC Detroit will be able to contribute to the greater work of world evangelism in a unique way.

Currently, the Detroit Ministry exists and operates as a part of HMCC Ann Arbor. As a church, it will exist and function more or less autonomously, be fully and specifically for the city of Detroit, and focus on serving the people of Detroit. Some of the more visible differences that will come from this change are the start of Sunday gatherings in Detroit and the availability of a pastor to lead the church.

HMCC Ann Arbor is currently in the process of strengthening and stabilizing its leadership so that it will be in a good place to support the church plant. That being said, there is rarely a "good time" to plant a church, and at a certain point we need to prioritize "giving birth" and "raising kids" over just improving our home ministry, even when it is challenging. This is why it's important for us to always be making disciples and raising up more leaders.

Currently the three biggest challenges we foresee are: 1) Navigating the transition from ministry to church, 2) Navigating the relationship between HMCC Detroit and HMCC Ann Arbor, and 3) Establishing a strong culture in HMCC Detroit through building up a core group of existing and new members.

As we prepare for HMCC Detroit, the three biggest opportunities we see are: 1) Reaching pre-Christians with the Gospel, 2) Being a transcultural church in the city, and 3) Serving the city of Detroit.


Sam will be the lead site pastor of HMCC Detroit and take on the main pastoral responsibilities. Thankfully due to the close proximity to Ann Arbor, Pastor Pete will be able to provide guidance, support, and mentorship, especially in the early stages of the church, as well as continued oversight and accountability in the future.

Yes. On January 22, there will be a call out meeting for anyone who is interested in participating in the church plant or learning more about the process. The application process itself will be held throughout the months of January and February and will culminate in the selection and formation of a church planting team in February/March 2017.

The commitment for church plant team members will be 1 year for students and 2 years for families and working adults.

The main role of the church plant team will be to help transition the Detroit ministry to HMCC Detroit and establish it as a church.

The application process will start with an information session on Jan 22 at which more details about HMCC Detroit will be shared. From there, applications and LG leader recommendations will be due on Feb 5. For those who pass the application stage, they will be scheduled for interviews on a rolling basis. Finally, decisions regarding the church plant team will be made in February/March.

Anyone who is a covenant signing member and is actively involved in a HMCC site is eligible to apply to the church plant team; however, each applicant will be reviewed carefully through the application process. If an applicant is not from HMCC Ann Arbor but from another HMCC site, then they will need an additional recommendation from their site pastor(s).

Yes. Not only can they apply, college students are encouraged to apply. From our experience with prior church plants, it would be helpful to have students on the church plant team as they are better able to connect to the students that we’re reaching out to. The length of commitment for students applying to the church plant team is one year.

No, the church plant team will be formed through the application process described above; however, Detroit ministry members who are covenant signing members of HMCC Ann Arbor are invited to apply! Those who do not wish to apply are encouraged to join HMCC Detroit as members as the church launches.

Those who are returning or moving to Detroit, but don’t want to be a part of the church plant team, are welcome to join HMCC Detroit as regular members as it gets started.

Currently our timeline is to form a church plant team in the first quarter of 2017, prepare the church plant team and the Detroit Ministry for the remainder of 2017, and launch HMCC Detroit in January 2018.


Currently, we are in the process of researching and compiling a budget and foresee three main costs: financial support for one full time pastor, initial start up costs (moving expenses, AV equipment, etc.), and regular operational costs (facility rental, office space, storage space, etc.).

The church plant will be supported corporately by HMCC of Ann Arbor and also by individual supporters

As the mother church of the HMCC Detroit plant, HMCC Ann Arbor is planning on providing support through prayer, finances, and people power. Also, depending on who is chosen, HMCC Ann Arbor will be supporting by sending out their members to be a part of the church plant team.

The main avenues that the other HMCC churches can be involved is through prayer, financial support, and getting the word out to friends, family, and colleagues that we’re starting a church in Detroit, especially to those who are pre-Christian or are looking for a church.

We are currently assessing what specific needs people can get involved with and invite you to come learn more at our information session on January 22. In the meantime, you can support us through prayer, finances, and spreading the news about HMCC Detroit to your network. Also, if you know of people who are involved in various spheres like the government, churches, real estate, education, etc., please connect us with them. It will be a huge blessing.